nuDeliverIt – How You Deliver It Matters

nuDeliverIt is an affordable and easy-to-use mobile dispatch, vehicle tracking, work execution and signature capture application built on the nuVizz Enterprise Mobile Solution Toolkit.

Key Features

  • Order / Shipment tracking
  • Delivery information tracking
  • Delivery process automation by completing delivery right on the device
  • Geo tracking of deliveries on map
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery
  • Visibility to Delivery start time, stop arrival, stop departure, current shipment status real time.
  • Single View for you and your partners

Key Benefits

  • Reduced manual intervention and paperwork
  • Improved accuracy and reduced errors
  • Reduced cost of operations
  • Better Track and Trace
  • Real-time assignment and load visibility to carriers/drivers
  • Real-time track and trace information for each stop
  • Assign loads to carriers / drivers
  • View all current loads in a geo-map view real-time
  • Access POD at your fingertips

nuDeliverIt allows you to assign work (load, shipment, delivery, service order, etc.) to your own employee drivers and/or 3rd party carriers, track vehicles in real-time on a personalized geo-map, and have access to stored data and ePOD™s instantly. You can also create customized forms to capture additional information from the field and allow your operations to go paperless.


Shipment Visibility

  • Knowing where your shipments are, you can cut down on the number of phone calls and make changes to your planning.
  • Get immediate feedback on the acceptance of a work assignment by the trucker or service personnel on their mobile device.
  • Real time work assignment check-in, track drive time to the destination, arrival at stops and detailed OS&D capabilities.

Electronic Proof of Delivery – ePOD

  • Capture Proof of Delivery on tablets and smart phone devices and get real time information back to your customers.
  • POD capture comes with exact location of signature (GPS co-ordinates) and time of signature. Capture Signer ID and other identifying information to authenticate POD.

Document Management

  • Create a paperless environment by pushing any document (Bill of Lading, Delivery Receipt, Instruction Manual etc.) to mobile device.
  • Attach documents to your delivery, work order, service order etc.
  • Field Personnel can view and take customer signature on the documents on their mobile device.
  • Send the completed documents in real-time to any recipient and reduce the overall cycle time.

Custom Form Management

  • Create custom forms in simple HTML (text fields, drop downs etc.)
  • Attach different custom forms to any field work (work order, service order, delivery etc.) based on the work type.
  • Collect form data on the mobile device as part of work execution and get real-time visibility to field data.